How It Works

ConcertCue is a modern web-based platform. All setup and management is done via a web browser.


To prepare a piece for ConcertCue, a few steps are required before the performance:

  • Enter basic information: piece name, composer, movements, etc…
  • Upload a PDF of the score
  • Upload a reference audio file for each movement and align the audio file with the score.
  • Create the music-aligned content (the “cues”) for each movement, by placing them at specific locations with respect to the score and/or reference audio.

At the Concert

During the concert, a human operator listens to the live music and “taps the downbeats” to create the real-time alignment. This job is akin to a score-reader, or a musician who must follow the conductor along with the rest of the orchestra.

We are also developing autopilot – a machine-listening algorithm that can track the music in real time based on microphone input from the live music.

Sample Audience Views

Multilingual Support

Multiple content streams can be broadcast simultaneously. Recent concert with the New World Symphony features real-time program notes in English and Spanish (see first two screens).

Target Devices

Content can be streamed to any number of devices. We support:

  • mobile phones (in-browser display, no app downloaded needed)
  • large-format displays (via full-screen web browser)
  • broadcast TV (such as integration with Chyron)
  • Open Sound Control (OSC) and websocket-capable devices
  • Custom protocols as needed