ConcertCue is a synchronized streaming platform for live music that allows audiences to experience performances in a more intimate and immersive way.

Photo credits: Alice Romanov, Boston Baroque; BSO, Winslow Townson.

ConcertCue is a synchronized streaming platform for live music. During a concert, musically-aligned data is perfectly matched to the ebbs and flows of the live music and is delivered to any target device. The most common usages have been for classical music and orchestral performances. ConcertCue was developed at MIT, and is used by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the New World Symphony in Miami, and others.

Just-In-Time Program Notes

In its primary configuration, ConcertCue is a mobile web application that receives synchronized program notes during a live musical performance. These program notes include text, images, and other rich media, precisely timed to important events in the music itself. The goal is to help audience members better appreciate and understand the music they hear.

Opera Supertitles

ConcertCue can be used to stream supertitles during opera performances. Unlike most supertitle systems, all text is aligned to musical moments during pre-production. During the concert, every title will be broadcast at precisely the right musical time. Titles can be sent to projection screens, audience mobile phones, ipads, or even broadcast TV video mixers.

Photo credit: Emily Weddle.

Synchronized Graphics and Animations

Forward-looking musical performances today incorporate visuals and animations that synchronize with the music. Unfortunately, in many such cases, musicians must follow a pre-recorded click track so that the live music aligns with the pre-recorded animations. With ConcertCue, musicians are able to play freely, while animations are triggered automatically and precisely aligned to the live music.

Photos: Bowie Blackstar performance with projection mapping at the Gardner Museum, Boston.