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Eran Egozy is a professor of Music Technology at MIT, where he earned degrees in Electrical Engineering and Music. After working in the MIT Media Lab as a graduate student, he went on to co-found Harmonix Music Systems, which developed the wildly successful video game franchises Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Eran’s current research and teaching interests include interactive music systems, music information retrieval, and multimodal musical expression and engagement. In addition to ConcertCue, his latest projects include *12*, an audience-participation work for chamber music where audience members use their mobile to musically interact with the stage musicians, and Tutti, a massively multiplayer mobile-audience performance piece where the entire audience becomes the orchestra.

Eran is also an accomplished clarinetist, and has appeared as a soloist with the MIT Symphony Orchestra and guest artist on the radio show From the Top. He performs regularly with Boston’s Radius Ensemble.

Nathan J. Gutierrez is an 2017 MIT alum with a passion for developing technology that educates and empowers users. Nathan has proudly been a part of the ConcertCue project from its inception where he has contributed to design, architecture, and implementation.
In his free time, Nathan enjoys a wide variety of crafty, hands-on hobbies including music production, stop motion animation, and tinkering with his cars.

In July 2018, Eran Egozy was awarded a $50,000 grant from the Knight Foundation to continue research and development of ConcertCue. Nathan Gutierrez ’17 received the Wiesner Student Art Award in 2017 for his work on ConcertCue.

ConcertCue Design and Development
Eran Egozy
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